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Residential Lettings

Are you an investor? Institutional landlord? Accidental landlord? or simply renting a home for supplementing income or pension purposes?

If so, we would appreciate it if you would consider us as your letting agent. We will give you a realistic rental market value for your home and can offer advice on how to achieve the greatest return on the home. If instructed, we will ensure we find you the most suitable tenant. We will act as if it was one of our own homes we are renting when going through each stage of the process.

We will use thoughtful marketing and advertising to promote your home, together with  vetting and reference checks, transfer of utilities , completion of leases and ensuring any other matters are dealt with.

The are many obligations that you as a landlord must satisfy including, meeting minimum standards, supplying a BER Cert, adhering to rent Pressure Zone guidelines, if applicable, and registering with the RTB, to name but a few – we will assist you with all of these requirements.

Once your home is let we are confident that you will say ‘That was easy!’

Property Management & Mini-Management

If you instruct us to manage your home we will be the point-of- contact for your tenant.  You will not be getting the midnight ‘phone call or text regarding leaky taps or draughty windows! We will also deal with the following;

Maintenance issues
Lease queries
Rent reviews
Issue of notices regarding late rent or termination
Lease renewals
Completion of tenant forms regarding HAP or other government support forms, if applicable.
RTB Registration

The above is not exhaustive but, instead, some of the most common matters to be dealt with. We also offer a Mini-Management service.


Are you a hands-on landlord but currently unable to carry out some desired or necessary management tasks? Maybe you are overseas and would like an inspection of your home carried out for peace-of-mind purposes, require RTB Representation or simply want a lease renewal carried out on a once-off basis? We can do that. So if you don’t want the monthly management costs but instead favour assigning a once-off task to us we, would be delighted to assist.

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